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Activities for Kids

From our famous Petting Farms and Pony Rides to our adorable Porky's Express Pig Train to our Ag-Venture kids areas and our famous 3-legged mini horse "Hustler", we offer many incredible add-ons to make your wedding a wonderful experience for the kids as well.

sunflowers and lavender art
sunflowers and lavender art

Call 254-818-0147 or email for pricing and availability

Petting Farm

Since 1983 our Great American Petting Farm has been traveling the country bringing joy to everyone from the young to the young at heart. The farm contains a wide variety of animals including Llamas, Alpacas, Fallow Deer, Bennett Wallabies, African Pygmy Goats, assorted exotic and domestic goats and sheep, Miniature Zebu Cattle, Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, Chickens, Ducks and miniature Sicilian Donkeys.

goats - Great American Entertainment

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.

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"Porky's Express"

Pig Train

Adorable, vintage Pig Train ride. Fun, safe, and photo worthy! Holds 20 kids, ages 2 years old to teens.

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.


Let the kids meet Hustler, and groom him and hear his story. Our three-legged mini horse has the heart off a Clydesdale and spirit the likes of which you have never seen in another living creature. 

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.

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Pony Ride

The Great American Pony Ride’s beautiful purebred Welsh ponies walk under a revolving tent top – a living cowboy carousel! We also provide the option to simply hire ponies and their accompanying handlers without the pony ride setup.

cowboy boots
cowboy boots

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.

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Our beautiful kids’ area with agricultural and educational activities.

Our Ag-Ventureland™ can be laid out in numerous ways. 

Agventure - Great American Entertainment
sunflower element
sunflower elements

It consists of 10 x 10 tents with a menu of hands-on stations available:

• Milk a Cow

• Steer Roping

• Go Fishing

• Pedal Tractors

• Pooper Scooper Station

• Saddle, Bridle, & Grooming Station

• Ag-Music

• Corn Box

• Scarecrow Building

• Eggs to Market

• Craft Station ...& More

sunflowers art
sunflowers in pitcher

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.

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cow milking.webp

Cowboy Boot Camp

Consisting of 10 cowboy-themed activity stations, Cowboy Boot Camp will keep your young guests entertained and delighted as they step back in time into the world of the old west. 

cowboy boots
hat with sunflowers
Cowboy Boot Camp - Great American Entertainment Company

Cowboy Boot Camp™ can be laid out in numerous ways and includes:

• Gold Panning

• Horse Shoes

• Cowboy Campout

• Milk a Cow

• Learn to Lasso & Steer Roping

• Dress Like a Cowboy

• Go Fishing

• Cowboy Craft

• Saddle, Bridle, & Grooming Station

• Pedal Tractors

• Corn Box...& More

wagon wheel and sunflowers

Contact us as 254-818-0147 or for details and pricing.

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cowboy-boot-camp dress up.webp
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